Logistics System

Global Integrated Logistics System

PACTRA IT System which was developed based on CELLO Framework goes beyond the service level of a regular forwarding system providing highly intelligent information and is designed to manage and enhance the efficiency of the customer's complete distribution and supply chain.


Global Integrated Logistics System

PACTRA IT System provides various reports customized for each customer according to Their needs.


Automated order acceptance

Automatic registration of shipment requests

Cargo condition monitoring


Goods consistency inventory management

Maximize center operation efficiency

Secure on-site visibility


Convenient dispatch plan

Realize transportation planning optimization

Secure visibility into your transportation process


Integrated settlement management

Provide country-specific specialization functions

Groupware integration


Logistics operation indicator management

Service level indication

Provision of cargo volume information


Customized Interface

Multiple ways of communicating

Various document specifications


Shipping document management

Provide reports in various file formats

Integrated management of electronic documents


Provide global visibility

Container drayage management

Provide tracing map

Tracking & Tracing

Pactra's Tracing System is not just a simple location tracing system. It is an intelligent system that
gives warning and is managed through customer/operator specific personalized screens to enable
swift handing of urgent/irregular events occurring in the supply chain.